Principal Search Process

During the meeting held on 8/22/13 the KG community learned about the process that will take place in the hiring of the new principal for KGES.  One thing that became clear during this meeting is that parental and staff involvement will play a key role in determining how applicants are evaluated.  FCPS will create a screening matrix with several cells.  Two of the cells in the matrix will be a direct result of the input that parents and staff of the Kent Gardens community submit to the county.  The more specific the input that we can provide to the county, the better they will be able to tailor the matrix that will be used to find the optimal match for our school.  All input will be treated with confidentiality.  All input will also be carefully separated by category to help FCPS create a profile of what the Kent Gardens community values in a principal.

If you have not yet submitted input via the form sent earlier, you may submit comments via email to Beth Boivin at by August 28, 2013.

They request your input in the following areas:

  • Leadership skills needed for Kent Gardens (instructional leadership, school climate, human resources management, organizational management, communication and community relations, professionalism, student academic progress).
  • Administrative experience preferred (if you would like someone with experience in certain programmatic areas, if you’d like someone who has not been a principal but shown great promise, if you’d like someone who’s been a principal at another school, etc).
  • Leadership Characteristics desired (e.g. the day to day style you would like to see in a new principal).
  • School issues to be addressed.
  • School challenges to be addressed.

In your comments, be sure to identify what programs you feel you would like to see maintained at Kent Gardens.


Back to School Open House 

We look forward to seeing you at the Open House to be held on Friday August 30th!  Your children will have an opportunity to meet their teachers and you will be able to take care of some back to school “business”.  The PTA will have a membership table setup if you would like to join, and the school store will be open to purchase mandatory items like portfolios, assignment books, etc.  Don’t forget your checkbook!  This year, the school will be open from 10-11am and from 1-2pm.  New and returning families are welcome to attend either session.  Class lists will be posted by student ID number on the school website on Thursday August 29th after 4pm.