UPDATE: As of October 14, registration for MC2 is officially closed, as the program is full. Thank you to all of our participants!

MATH COMPETITION CLUB (MC2).   Kent Gardens will once again have our popular MC2 club in 2021 – 22.  Students with parental permission may enroll beginning in mid-September.

Math Competition Club or MC2 (MC2) is an after school advanced math program intended to get kids  excited about learning math and prepare them for success in the many popular math competitions done at school like the CML, VML, AMC-8, and Math Counts. Students who do well in these competitions are recognized and given medals at the school’s year-end awards ceremony, and 6th graders in the program may be eligible to represent Kent Gardens in the annual Math Counts Competition held in February.

Like last year, some of the competitions will be online.  This year the AMC – 8 will be online as will the Virginia Math League competitions.  The traditional MATH COUNTS Competition has practice competitions and the School and Chapter Competition.  The School Competition will take place in January at Kent Gardens and could be online or in-person.  The Northern Virginia Chapter Competition will take place in February.  MATH COUNTS is hoping to do this in-person, normally at George Mason University.  The instructional classes will be online as they were last year. We will start the classes this year in the afternoon from 4:45 – 5:45 PM.  They will be taught by our long-time instructional coach Jay Hossain   jahangir.hossain814@gmail.com

The program is intended for students in grades 4-6 who have a strong interest in math. We plan to have two groups: the “Archimedeans” (advanced) and the “Pythagoreans” (intermediate). Since we are in the virtual world, we will build a schedule of alternating days based on the level of interest. A math placement test will be conducted before classes begin to confirm that the student is in the appropriate group, and in some cases, students may be reassigned. Classes will run between the end of September through March. The cost is $760 per student. We ask that families pay the entire amount up front and make a full-year commitment to MC2 to ensure the viability of the program for the entire year.

Should students outside of Kent Gardens wish to enroll in the program, priority will be given to former Kent Gardens students should the program reach capacity.  Please count Jeff Shivnen jjshivnen@fcps.edu should you have questions.

NEW THIS YEAR:  3rd Grade Future Mathletes.

We will include 3rd graders in the MC2 for the first time this year.  This is an investment in our future MC2 teams.  The 3rd grade MC2 will meet once a week at Kent Gardens 7:45 – 8:30 AM.  The day is to be determined.  The program will run from the first week of October until mid-March.  Instruction will be provided by long-time MC2 coach Jeff Shivnen, jjshivnen@fcps.edu .   MC2 3rd graders will use Virginia Math League and MATH COUNTS Competition level resources.  Students who are interested in extending their math appreciation are invited to sign up.  Cost: $250 for the year.