Bake Sale

Love to bake? Parents and Students too! We need a lot of bakers to donate goods for the Bake Sale!

Baked goods should be in DISPOSABLE containers with an index card noting the name of the treat and whether the recipe contains nuts.

BE AS CREATIVE AS YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE! Creative and different items sell very well and always sell out first! Please note that while we appreciate any and all donations we will not accept any goods requiring refrigeration.

You may drop off your Bake Sale donations at the school on Friday, November 4th from 5-6pm or on Saturday, November 5th from 9-10am.  Please do not place any price tags on your baked goods as the Bake Sale team will be in charge of pricing.

Please send in your donation details* via email to Haiyan Chen Richter at by Monday, October 31st!

*Donation Details:




◊ I will bake/donate

    • 1 cake
    • 1 pie
    • 12 Cupcakes
    • 24 Cookies
    • 15 brownies
    • 1 bread loaf
    • Other                                            

◊ I can possibly work a shift to sell

◊ I am unable to drop-off my donation, please contact me to make arrangements.