Armchair Fundraiser

The Armchair Fundraiser is one of the PTA’s primary fundraisers and NEARLY 100% OF PROCEEDS GO TO SCHOOL PROGRAMS. This fund pays for our school’s great educational opportunities which are not funded by the school’s budget, including challenging curriculum materials, teacher training, classroom technology, teachers’ classroom resources, field trip transportation, family fun events, and more!! Quite simply, the PTA asks parents to write a check – one check – to support the school for the entire year.

There are two easy ways to give:

  1. Complete the Armchair Fundraiser donation form sent home in the Friday Folder, make your check payable to Kent Gardens PTA, enclose it in an envelope labeled “Armchair Fundraiser” and return it to school in your child’s Friday Folder, or mail the check to Armchair Fundraiser, Kent Gardens Elementary School, 1717 Melbourne Drive, McLean, VA 22101 or…
  2. Make your donation online. It’s quick, it’s easy, and online payments save a LOT of volunteer time! We accept credit & debit cards, or electronic check.

Regardless of how you choose to support the PTA, you will receive notification of your charitable donation for tax purposes, and as always, the PTA thanks you for your support! For more information, including receiving another copy of the Armchair Fundraiser donation form, please contact Jane MacCracken at or Kira Finkler at

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