Why Join the Kent Gardens Parent Teacher Association (PTA)?

By getting involved at Kent Gardens, you can help make our school a better place! Our PTA plays important roles in curriculum-based and after-school programs, staff support, and social events — all vital to our school’s success. The PTA is a great place to connect with other parents, volunteer your time for a noble cause, and make positive changes at Kent Gardens. In light of recent Fairfax County budget cuts to education, our PTA’s voice is more important than ever, and your participation is critical!

What is the “One & Done” Fundraising Campaign?

The One & Done campaign strives to meet our PTA fundraising needs for the 2016-2017 school year with a goal of 100% family participation. We aim to raise $25,000 in the first 50 days of school!  With a successful campaign, we hope to eliminate additional fundraising efforts.

You can either fill out the form below and write a check to Kent Gardens PTA or simply contribute using PayPal™. Every dollar you give goes to the PTA and enriches your child’s education.

Why Contribute to the “One and Done” Campaign

We are asking every family to contribute $150 per family to fund a number of important PTA educational programs and activities including the purchase of classroom materials like iPads, Smart Boards, laptops, books and classroom supplies. We also fund field trips, staff training and curriculum enrichment. One and Done donations enable Kent Gardens to dedicate its internal resources to hiring the highest quality teachers and staff; the school depends on annual PTA donations for new materials and equipment. Consider this an investment in your child’s education.

Though we are asking for $150 per family, every contribution puts us closer to our goal and is greatly appreciated. KGES students, teachers and staff thank you for your support of Kent Gardens’ continued excellence in education. You make a difference every day in your child’s life.

Thank you for your generosity and #KGPRIDE!

2016-2017 One and Done and Membership Dues

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2016-2017 Membership Dues Only

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2016-2017 One and Done and Membership Dues

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