Please note some of the tips provided from our FCPD crossing guard upon careful observation of our Kiss & Ride process:

   1. If parents feel they must park out on the streets and walk in to pick up their children, they should NOT be parking on Melbourne Street.  Not only does this create a problem as the line for the Kiss & Ride develops beyond the stop sign, but it would also make it impossible for emergency vehicles to get in or out if needed.

   2. Parents and staff (along with students) should allow our crossing guard to let them know when to cross the street.  There have been times when cars are traveling through the intersection and a parent decides to cross without permission.  If the FCPD Officer is in the intersection, drivers and walkers MUST take their direction from him/her.  Please allow the officer to have control of the intersection.  This ensures the safety of all.

   3. Parents and children should cross the road only at the intersection of Melbourne & Lumsden and NOT up at the entrance to the school.  This is not only dangerous for the children but it also slows the traffic flow.

   4. Drivers are NOT to come down Lumsden.  They should proceed down Van Fleet or Dean ONLY and after dropping off at the Kiss & Ride exit the school by turning right on Lumsden. Traveling down Lumsden is against our established guidelines, slows traffic, and causes congestion that adversely affects the timely departure of our school buses.

   5. Finally, when the FCPD Officer is not in the intersection, it is important that everyone observes the four-way stop.

Please remember not only to follow the directions of our crossing guard at all times, but to also treat him/her with the kindness, respect and courteous behavior to which he/she is entitled.  Your PTA thanks you!