Walkers & Bikers

If you are walking to school:

You should use the sidewalk on Melbourne Drive and follow the sidewalk that follows the bus circle, cross in front of the cafeteria and enter the school.  Walkers may apply to ride a bus (as of October 1) if the bus is not filled to capacity.  The walking student must join an existing bus stop; no new bus stops will be established after the Fairfax County Public Schools Transportation Office has determined the route for the year.  This will not apply to most walkers — only to those closest to the farthest boundaries of the walker zone. No skateboards, scooters, or heelys allowed.  All walkers please take special care to stay on the sidewalks at all times.  Students are asked to refrain from walking on the grassy areas, especially throughout the neighborhood. This will help maintain everyone’s safety and our friendly relationship with our supportive neighborhood community.


If you are biking to school:

Students are asked to dismount their bicycles at the intersection of Lumsden & Melbourne (where our Crossing Guard stands) and walk their bikes along the sidewalk to the bike rack.

The school is not responsible for the security of bicycles ridden to school and placed in the bike rack. Please make sure your child’s bicycle can be locked each day.

The following are guidelines from Fairfax County and are taken from the Fact Sheet on Bicycle Riding to School.

Factors parents need to consider before giving their child permission to ride their bicycle to school:

  • Child’s age, maturity level, and physical condition
  • Has the child demonstrated proficiency riding a bike?
  • Does the child know and has the child practiced riding a specific route to and from school?
  • If the student does ride a bicycle to school they should consider the following “rules of the road”
  • Students should ride their bicycles on the sidewalk when available.
  • Stay to the right of the sidewalk and watch for pedestrians.
  • Bicyclers should announce their presence to pedestrians prior to passing on the left.
  • In the absence of sidewalks, ride as far to the right side of the road as possible, going with the flow of traffic.
  • When traveling in groups ride in single file.
  • Wear a UL listed bicycle helmet. This is required by law for students 16 years of age and younger.
  • Obey traffic laws. Bicyclists should stop at stop signs, red traffic signals etc.
  • Obey instruction of police officers, crossing guards, and safety patrols.
  • Use hand signals so that other bicyclists and motor vehicle operators know your intentions.
  • Utilize proper safety equipment such as horn or bell, headlight or reflectors, and light colored or reflective clothing.

Please remind your children of basic safety practices and/or watch this video with them.